Built on compliance, driven by innovation 

LUXHUB Marketplace is a collaborative, end-to-end platform, bringing together traditional financial actors and FinTechs within the new "API economy".

As part of our drive towards security, inclusion, and acceleration, we have implemented two pathways to begin testing the API products in our marketplace

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 Type Registration Testing

Available Products

Flexibility Collaboration Go Live Support
Standalone Developer unattended registration test for
not all APIs are available some of the sandboxes
are static
can't share application
not possible none

Organization Developer

test for
all eligible APIs are available access to all sandboxes can share one or more applications within your organization possible available

Standalone Developer

Test some of the LUXHUB and partner API products in a quick and easy manner.



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Organization Developer

Become a partner in order to benefit from the full capabilities of our Marketplace and go live with the LUXHUB or our partners' API products.


Account creation



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Account management



If you have any questions or require some assistance, please consult our Support page.


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